Crazy Adventures in Brazil!

They kind of saved my life. I came across Banana Brownies in Brazil when things took a turn for their worst when I was mountain climbing. 


It was super hot and the climb was really difficult. My water ran out and I became dehydrated. I was going to pass out. I needed to think. So I took off my knapsack that a local gave to me. 


That’s when I noticed something in the side pocket. It was Banana Brownies.

I ate it right away and it completely refuelled me so I could safely reach the summit. I never forgot them after that! 

Turning Dreams into Reality...

I was so in love with the product, when I came back to Toronto I teamed up with my friend Telmo Da Silva to bring it here. After nine months of persistence and determination, we convinced a supplier to help export it.

Danger At Every Turn!

As we were travelling on the highway to meet our supplier, the highway got highjacked! We witnessed a kidnapping, robbery, cars swerving off the road.  Total chaos! 


Luckily we were able to bypass the danger and arrive safely at the banana farm to meet our supplier. 

We Risked Our Lives to Make it Happen!

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