Ipanema Valley Contribution During Covid-19 Pandemic

When Faced With the Pandemic, Ipanema Valley Made Sure the People Were Always the Top Priority

As COVID-19 swept across the globe, farms, facilities, and producers were forced to enact swift changes to protect their employees and their businesses. We looked for ways to maintain production safely and efficiently while prioritizing the health of people and the community. Although initial concerns about the virus have passed, we continue to focus on wellbeing, looking at how the changes implemented can help improve employee experience in the long-term too.

We responded quickly to the pandemic, implementing strong protocols to protect people, customers and business. We have preventative and reactive protocols. Some of the measures applied are the use of protective equipment, sanitizing procedures, temperature records, and checking continuously for different possible symptoms.

Continuing to Give Back

At Ipanema Valley, we place significant emphasis on supporting the community and, in a time of crisis like the pandemic, this was even more important.

Adjusting Long-Term Goals

Although new protocols and procedures demanded short-term focus, we haven’t lost sight of long-term implications for the farmers. Every crisis makes us better. Many of the changes we’ve established will stay in place beyond the pandemic. Most important? Continuing to support the community through difficult times. No company can be successful in a failed community.

Ipanema Valley Contribute

Ipanema Valley isn’t just a simple company that will sell you a product, no we are much more than that. We are a big project with the goal of making our community a bit better in any possible aspect. We’re committed to giving our consumers quality products. A product which they can trust and enjoy not only for its unique and perfect taste but also for its natural healthy ingredients. We ensure that by giving support to the Brazilian farmers that cultivate bananas so that their products don’t go wasted.

Up to 50% of bananas can be turned back from the supermarkets and shops because of their esthetics. Imagine what a big loss for the farmers and for the community. But we have come with a solution to this problem by collecting those bananas and turning them into magnificent products. Products that we make with a lot of dedication and with the great desire of giving to our customers the amazing taste of bananas without any crazy ingredients. While making our products, in every process that they pass, we use only natural methods and natural ingredients. This takes us to a product that has more taste and is healthier but also kind to the environment.

This is our big project. Helping the community and our consumers. Brazilian farmers thanks to the reused bananas in Ipanema Valley take more profits. In this way, they can invest more in the cultivation of bananas and in the economical development of their communities. And surely because all the process is absolutely natural, the environment will be protected and will also be cleaner. So the development of the community will be completely in harmony with the environment giving to the community more happiness.

We are living in a world that is always more and more dynamic and going fast. A world that needs you to be faster to catch happiness. That’s why we at Ipanema Valley through our snacks, have created a very trusted alternative for the world of today - snacks that will bring to your families happiness thanks to their various values.

Our snacks will bring you a healthier life with a lot of energy. Thanks to their natural ingredients, our products help reducing stress making your day easier and making you happier.

Furthermore, your children will be happier because now they can take more fruits by just eating some of their favourite candies. All the kids love brownies. But not all brownies are healthy. That’s why we have created banana brownies with natural ingredients that are also gluten-free and dairy-free. So all the kids and adults can take the amazing values of bananas from a candy that has an amazing taste. Our banana brownies will help people with some of the nutrients that they need to have for a healthy and better life.


Is our duty to contribute to the community. That’s why we at Ipanema Valley try through our products to sell to our customers healthy and tasteful food and not the packaging. Ipanema Valley contributes to one of the most important areas of people’s lives, food. We take that responsibility seriously.

A portion of good food brings up lots of benefits. Food to be considered good food should be very tasty and most importantly healthy. Our products absolutely meet those criteria. All of our products have an amazing taste of bananas and other fruits like pineapple and guava. A taste that once you try it you can’t forget it. A taste that is irreplaceable. And thanks to the natural ingredients, our products are very healthy.

From our snacks, you can get all the nutrients of bananas and much more. And more to your relief our products are very light and can help you lose weight. So we can absolutely say that we sell good food. This is very important because if you use only good food means that you will be healthier and will get more energy. If you use good food even your lifestyle will change and become healthier and you will use only good food. Good food means less stress and more happiness.

We have dedicated all our forces to the creation of the products that will bring to your houses the taste and the nutrients of bananas. For us, our consumers are very important that’s why we have created snacks that are vegan and dairy-free so everyone can enjoy their amazing taste and get all their benefits.

And because we care for you, all of our products can be ordered online. So you can enjoy them whenever you live. It’s time for you to start a healthier life with our products without skipping the taste because good food means a happier life.

That’s why Ipanema Valley encourages you to start and include more of our products in your lives. Come and join us in our project and make your life easier and healthier while enjoying the best taste of bananas in healthy organic snacks.

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