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The perfect tasty snack for mothers and kids. Nut free and made from simple whole ingredients. We promise you, you can’t eat just one!


Portable and convenient, great from a pre-workout snack or a mid-day energy bump. Great for athletes or kids lunches!

THE square banana 2go!


the Best snack You’re not Eating!

Made from non-gmo bananas grown in the red soil banana farms of Brazil

It’s a richer, quicker, natural energy fix for the activities in your life that demand the nourishment that comes from a banana. And it tastes amaaazing! 

potassium powerhouse

in your pocket!

original banana brownies!

Now you can put a bunch of bananas in your pocket and get way with it. Since each piece is 1 whole banana, they come in pretty handy after any workout for a good electrolyte replenishment.

Improve Digestion-

Improve Happiness! 

Banana Brownies with fig!

Dig the fig! Because the banana fig combination is a digestive tag-team.  Over 80% of the feel good chemical serotonin is produced in the gut.  Good digestion improves serotonin production, which, in turn, helps improve your overall mood. 

clean simple ingredients that your body will appreciate!

Banana Brownies with pineapple!

Banana + Pineapple = Soulmates!

Did you know that when two lovers gaze at each other’s eyes their heart rates synchronize? And so will yours when you taste it.

So Sassy! A popular healthy sweet while watching Netflix. Give one to your bae, they’ll appreciate it (and you!).

Banana Brownies with Guava!

Boost Energy with

Rainbows of Flavour!